Adding new SERIES and RMSRANGE
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Adding new SERIES and RMSRANGE


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VM:Tape for z/VM


The customer has added a new range of tape volsers beginning with "BM" that they want to have available to them through VMTAPE.  Do I add these new volsers by updating VMTAPE CONFIG and adding a new SERIES statement and then running VMTBUILD? 



Release : 2.0

Component : VM:Tape for zVM


If a CMS TMC, run the VMTBUILD utility when adding or deleting SERIES records from the TMC.  You must perform this operation whenever the configuration file SERIES records are in any way modified or reordered.   
The VMTBUILD utility is documented in the VM:Tape Administrator's guide. 
Follow this link to read more:




Additional Information

The RMSRANGE records are optional. However, their purpose is to save (A LOT OF) time. Tape volumes that fall within an RMSRANGE are just marked as being in the specified RMS Location without VM:Tape issuing a query command to RMSMASTR to verify that it actually has the tape in the VTS … each volume query takes about 2 seconds.

So, although the RMSRANGE record is optional, you will want to add one to cover this new range to save time with VM:Tape initialization, REFRESH, etc.