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Show Overall Status on Project Grid


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How can I display the Overall Status value from a Status Report onto a Project. How can this be accomplished?



Release : 15.9.3

Component : PPMSTU


A new attribute can be created for Project with the following information:

Attribute Name and Attribute ID - Any desired value

Data Type - Aggregated

Result Data Type - Number

Calculation - AGG_Max(cop_prj_statusrpt.cop_overall_status)


Use Expression:

cop_prj_statusrpt.last_updated_date == cop_prj_statusrpt.last_updated_date &&  ( cop_prj_statusrpt.cop_report_status ==  lookup("OBJ_STATUSREPORT_REPORT_STATUS", "FINAL") )

API Attribute ID - Specify a value to use in the MUX


Once created add the attribute to the Project grid to see the numeral value of the Status Report.