Installed RU9, now getting error creating request through SOAP API
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Installed RU9, now getting error creating request through SOAP API


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


We just installed RU9 ( in our Dev environment.  We immediately saw that SOAP calls to createrequest fails with the following error:

From SOAP Response:

Error setting attr 'zimpact' on object 'cr:479469' to value '2' NOT FOUND 2

From stdlog file:

Error in zimpact Select_Cache method got_initial_count: Table zimpact not found in data dictionary at zimpact ... 

Internal error: table not found: zimpact


But we confirmed the table does exists in the wsp.schema.sch file as well as in the database.  We are also sure this was working before the RU9 install.

We are able to update the zimpact field on a request ticket in SDM manually, which suggests it exists in the schema and available for use.


Release : 17.3

Component : Service Desk


Most likely the zimpact table is missing from ddict.sch under Service Desk install\site folder, due to some file sync during RU9 installations.

Check the ddict.sch file and modify it to have the this table, if it is missing. You can copy the table statement from ddict.sch.old file. Make sure you back up the ddict.sch file before change and recycle Service Desk after change.