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ESP dSeries Workload Automation : Trying to create an alert (execcommand) and want to insert non selected jobs (predefined job)


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CA Workload Automation DE - Scheduler (dSeries) CA Workload Automation DE


Trying to create an alert to run execcommand and want to insert of a predefined job.  In the doc it seems the command of insert wants to insert job and I have to give all the info about the job.  Can I insert non selected jobs (predefined jobs), if so what is the command?


ESP dSeries Workload Automation 12.3


You can use below syntax;

execCommand( 'all', APPL._name + "." + APPL._gen, "ACTION INSERTNONSELECTEDJOBS JobList\(\"WINDOWS0\"\) DefinedApplName\(\"INSERT\"\)" );
execCommand( 'all', APPL._name + "." + APPL._gen, "ACTION INSERTNONSELECTEDJOBS JobList\(\"TASK0\"\) DefinedApplName\(\"INSERT\"\)" );

Here application name is INSERT and jobs to insert are WINDOWS0 and TASK0.