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Roadmaps Missing Target Badge for Total Cost: 


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 Missing Target Badge for Total Cost
  • When I try to add Total Cost as a Target, no target badge shows up. 
  • However, if I add Operating Cost, for example, the badge does show up (if I remove Total Cost as a Target).  


Release : 15.9.3

Component : Roadmaps


The Roadmaps use SQL Curves aggregated data which is not populated or available in this environment.  This data is updated by running the 'Time Slicing Sync' job. 

  • This is caused by having the SQL Curves feature disabled to provide a temporary workaround to alleviate performance issues for Time Slicing jobs. 
  • By default, the SQL Curves feature should be enabled. 
  • When the feature is disabled, the 'Time Slicing Sync' job is not visible.
  • Refer to the details below to re-enable the SQL Curves feature. 


  • Enable the Time Slicing Sync job (re-enable SQL Curves feature):
    • admin toggle-feature TSV_AGGREGATION_FEATURE_20550 1  
  • Flush the security.cache by going to this URL and clicking Flush all
    • http://<server name>/niku/nu#action:security.caches
  • Run the Time Slicing Sync job 

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