Cost Plan - capital cost incorrectly displays for a project
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Cost Plan - capital cost incorrectly displays for a project


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


You have one task that is set up to Expense/Operating, but on the cost plan (using team allocation), it is showing dollars for Capital unexpectedly for some resources. Capitalization % is set to 0.


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This is due to the task on the timesheet having a charge code set to Capital. To check if this is the cause, check the charge code value for the task on an impacted user's posted timesheet. 

This may have happened if:

  1. The task originally had a charge code of Capital and was later changed to expense after the impacted users started tracking time on the task (and the user creates their timesheet by populating from the prior timesheet)
  2. It can also happen if the end-user changed the charge code value on a timesheet in the past and this was then carried over by populating tasks from the prior timesheet.
    1. This field can be added via classic where a user can configure columns
    2. This can also be done from the Modern UX via a couple of methods:
      • If timesheet configuration is enabled providing the ability to add columns including Charge Code
      • Or, if at some point Charge Code was an available column for users. 


To fix tasks going forward:

  1. Remove the task from the current timesheet
  2. Readd the task using +Work

To prevent the issue from happening going forward in Modern UX:

  • Ensure that Charge Code is not listed on the timesheet view
  • Ensure timesheet configuring is disabled in Modern UX.

See KB: Input Type Code and Charge Code on timesheets - remove/add for detailed steps on the above