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JCLCheck RESOLVE TWS (Tivoli Workload Scheduler) gets error MSGX274E.


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JCLCheck Workload Automation


Managing very big JCL members, it can happen that JCLCheck RESOLVE TWS (Tivoli Workload Scheduler) gets error message  MSGX274E and even following the suggestion reported in 

KD 211098

the error still occurs.


Release :  

Component : CA JCLCheck workload Automation


The error could be related to the record length on TWS's EQQJSxDS  Vsam data cluster.  This one stores JCL and all the records in the job must fit on one VSAM record. On some IBM forums it is reported the following about the message:   

The first 80 byte of the JS file consist of details to identify the TWS operation, eg; application name, operation number, etc. After that, subsequent blocks of 80 bytes represent each record from the JCL library. The vsam file is defined with a maximum record length of 180,004 which allows for a maximum record count of 2,249. So, as the TS said, a job card with 3,000 records in it will cause a failure, whereas one with 2,050 will work.

This seems to be a limitation of the TWS VSAM file.  

That said, the fact that the job submitted by TWS ends correctly, could depend on the TWS option to bypass internalizing JCL and instead submit directly from a external file. 

It is possible that changing the record size on this EQQJSxDS file could help, but this should be evaluated with TWS Support, as it seems to be a limitation of the TWS VSAM file.