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Microsoft Edge browser extension on MacOS is not installed.


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


We have installed the DLP ( on MacOS machine (OS 10.15.7). Currently we are conducting some tests on the browser extension and we have seen that on Edge Chromium browser the extension is not installed but at the same time on Google Chrome one it works without issues.

Chrome and Edge are both based on Chromium so we would like to know if it there was the possibility to adapt or install the Chrome extension version on the Microsoft Edge browser. In case where there is no possibility, we would like to know whether there will be a plan to cover also Microsoft Edge browser.



Release : 15.8

Component : Endpoint Agent


As you'll see on this page Mac agent monitoring support the monitoring of the Edge browser on macOS is currently unsupported.

We have open a feature request with Product Management to potentially add support in a future release.

Reference: ISFR-1944 - Endpoint Agent - Support for macOS agent monitoring of Edge browser.

In the interim customers should ensure they prevent the user of Edge Chromium browser on macOS and allow those which are currently monitored.