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Physical memory processor physical entity 598 alerts in snmpcollector probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management On-Premise (Nimsoft / UIM) NIMSOFT PROBES


Recently upgraded Cisco network device on latest IOS Version.

However after up gradation of network device IOS started receiving alerts related to physical memory processor physical Entity 598 of devices from snmpcollector probe 




Since the bootflash memory is over 4GB, it needs more than 32-bit counter to capture the value.

The OIDs used earlier are Unsigned32, that's why the total bootflash size captured is a mismatch. 

Previously used OIDs:

ceExtNVRAMSize :: = 1596829696 :: 1596829696     <<<<

ceExtNVRAMUsed :: = 3858964480 :: 3858964480    <<<<

Suggested for the below OIDs which supports 64 bit counters.

ceExtHCNVRAMSize       -

ceExtHCNVRAMUsed       -



SNMP collector:-4.03

Network device details.

Make :- Cisco



Certification team will fix the Memory Utilization issue by adding two new Counter64 OIDs

- ceExtHCNVRAMSize
- ceExtHCNVRAMUsed
into the existing 

MF: Physical Memory | NormalizedMemoryInfo
VC: Cisco(Nxos) Entity | CiscoEntityExtMib

Expected in next DCD 3.8 release 

Update Vendor Certifications

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