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DX Dashboards - How to query Inventory data?


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How to query for inventory data available in TAS database


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From documentation, DX Dashboard section:

"AIOps_Inventory: Add the AIOps_Inventory plugin as the data source to build dashboards with the inventory information such as the data of the objects, database instances discovered in the organization, or hosts stored in TAS. You can also build dashboards with the topology information of the inventory (relationship between the inventory items) that TAS stores."

Below example, illustrate how to query for UIM inventory but you can follow the same steps to query for inventory from Spectrum and CAPC data sources.

1, Login to DX Platform, go to DX Dashboards

2. Click New Dashboard

2.Click Add New Query

3. Set

Query = AIOps_Inventory
Filter by = ATTRIBUTE
Name = Product
Values = UIM

4. Click Visualization icon, set Table, you should see you inventory (severs) listed in the result.

5. If you would like to see the total count, enable "Aggregate Result set", set "Aggregate Field" = Product


Here is an example how to query for NetOps PM inventory

For Application Performance Management(APM), topology is stored based on Agents, you can use the below query to list all available Agents

Example of output

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