CA-Deliver Email and 14.0 Web Viewer
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CA-Deliver Email and 14.0 Web Viewer


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Deliver Output Management Web Viewer


In migrating from Web Viewer 12.1 to CA Web Viewer R14... 

In the Deliver Parms(RMOPARMS) we have the following coded

WEBSVR1=HTTPS://<Server Name>/

Which we believe is to support the email feature. Do these options need to be changed to support email on Ca-Web Viewer and if so can you point me at where are find the values that need to be coded?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver, 

Release: 14.0

Component: Web Viewer


Deliver can either send notification that the report is available, or it can send the report itself as text file or PDF file, or it can send the email with HTML link to the report using the Web Viewer 12.1. It cannot send the HTML link to the report with Web Viewer 14.0. So, if you're going to use only Web Viewer r14.0, you will no longer have the ability to send the HTML links to the reports. In such a case you should remove the optional DRAS domain name on the ARCHnn parameter, so the ARCH2 parameter should now be:


Also, WEBSVR1 (and any other WEBSVRn) parameter(s) should be removed.

Deliver does not send the emails directly but uses CA Spool for the emailing functionality, and you can still use Deliver to send the notifications and the reports in the text or PDF format as long as you have CA Spool Email Print Driver configured to process the emails from CA Deliver (see Email Reports and Notifications section in Deliver doc for more information. The details configuring the CA Spool Email Print Driver can be found in CA Spool customization guide in Email Print Driver section. )