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MAC Users are not able to connect to the Registry and timing out


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Service Virtualization


New users installed DevTest 10.6 on MAC machines and getting the below Timeout error.

 ERROR com.itko.util.swing.UserMessage - Error connecting to the DevTest Registry.  Error message: Timed out trying to connect to test registry tcp://
java.rmi.RemoteException: Timed out trying to connect to test registry tcp://
 at com.itko.lisa.test.Environment.bootUpTestRegistry(
 at com.itko.lisa.test.Environment.setTestRegistry(

Validated the connectivity to the Registry server with nc -vnzu 1xx.xx.x.xx 2010 and it was succeeded with the messge "Connection to 1xx.xx.x.xx 2010 [udp/*] succeeded!"



The users are on a more restricted VPN profile with the way they are connecting to their VPN caused the issue.


Release : 10.6

Component : DevTest Workstation


The connectivity issue is resolved at users end and now they are able to connect to the Registry from Workstation.


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