New Endevor sample version of the ENUXSITE exit to override the default C1DEFLTS name.
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New Endevor sample version of the ENUXSITE exit to override the default C1DEFLTS name.


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Required to have multiple C1DEFLTS tables. To access any other name other than C1DEFLTS requires the coding the ENUXSITE exit.    


Release : 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


C1DEFLTS is hard coded in the product.


With the application of PTF SO12677, a new sample version of the ENUXSITE exit is available. The new ENUXSITE exit can be used to override the default C1DEFLTS name, and the new C1DEFLTS name or names can then be pointed to different configurations, optional features, symbols, or security tables. The source for the new exit is distributed in iprfx.iqual.CSIQOPTN.


The new ENUXSITE exit works by searching for a previously allocated DDNAME in the format EN$DFTxx. If a suitable DDNAME is found, ENUXSITE overlays the last two characters of the default C1DEFLTS table name with the characters (xx) from the DDNAME.


Example: An ALLOC FILE (EN$DFTAA) DUMMY SHR REU  startup routine would tell Endevor to load a defaults table called C1DEFLAA rather than the standard C1DEFLTS defaults table.

Sites that want to support multiple C1DEFLTS tables can add the following statement to their logon on startup CLISTs:


 Endevor then automatically selects an appropriate defaults table and propagates that table to any batch jobs that are submitted through the SCMM@LIB skeleton member. If you are using the new startup clists, you can propagate the keywords using the DF (xx) keyword or by overtyping the Defaults Suffix value on the Settings panel.

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