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Export IME Role&Task xml does not respond


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CA Identity Manager


After the fresh installation of IDM 14.4 environment, we imported role&task xml from old previous environment.


We are unable to export role&task xml from Management Console. Tried from 2 to 3 different browsers but the screen just hangs and does not continue with anything.



The log indicates that the export is not able to find an attribute named policyHandles:

[9/17/21 13:26:00:663 EDT] 0000015e SystemOut     O 13:26:00,663 DEBUG [ims.idmmanage] AttributeNotPresentException: This method requires the presence of an attribute which was not provided. The attribute is named policyHandles.

The root cause is that there is one or more Provisioning roles with an asterisk in the role name, like Prov*Role1, for example.



Release : 14.4

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)


Engineering advises that as of 14.3, there is no longer support for asterisks in a provisioning role name because it causes performance problems. I'll create a tech doc with this info so we can reference it going forward. 

This is a known problem. IM does not allow to use of * in a provisioning role name as there is a performance problem.  From IM 14.3 onwards * is not supported/allowed character for a provisioning role.


You cannot delete this role (Prov*TestPolicy) from the IM UI, Please use IM Provisioning manager to delete this role.