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MSI SD Package - Log Level not the same between no user interface and other user interface level


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In a MSI SD Package when User Interface Level is set to 'No User Interface', following logging appears :

If we set "User Interface Level" to a different level we get following logs :

Why a difference in the log as Log Level settings are the same ?


Client Automation - Any Versions


When we have these MSI settings :
User Interface Level = Any options except "No user interface (unattended)"
Log Level = All error messages + Out-of-memory or fatal exit information + Out-of-disk space messages
Job output is something like :
=== Logging started: 13/10/2021  11:43:50 ===
=== Logging stopped: 13/10/2021  11:43:53 ===
This is the normal output with these Log Level settings.
There are no more lines because No error, out of memory or out of disk space problem have occurred during installation.
If we set these settings :
User Interface Level = No user interface (unattended)
Log Level = All error messages + Out-of-memory or fatal exit information + Out-of-disk space messages
The job output is :
=== Logging started: 13/10/2021  12:01:53 ===
Property(S): INSTALLDIR = C:\Program Files (x86)\7-Zip\
Property(S): UpgradeCode = {23170F69-40C1-2701-0000-000004000000}
Property(S): LicenseAccepted = 1
Property(S): ARPNOMODIFY = 1
=== Logging stopped: 13/10/2021  12:01:54 ===

All properties are written in the logs.
When "No user interface (unattended)" is set, Log Level "Terminal Properties" is automatically added.
You could have the same Log with "Full User Interface", if you set "Terminal Properties" in the log level :