Dell/EMC DLm Gen 5 CP988 and CP603 Vantage compatibility
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Dell/EMC DLm Gen 5 CP988 and CP603 Vantage compatibility


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Vantage Storage Resource Manager


The upgrade of Dell/EMC Gen4 DLm8100 to Gen5 DLm8500 will cause the CP998 utility to become obsolete.  CP998 populates the DLMSTATI flat file from the JCL/PROC (the OBJ10792 object for “EMC DLm Statistics”).  The successful population of this object influences the GENSTATS related objects for statistical data in the subsequent steps in the JCL.

The DLMDIJCL JCL also uses CP504 for the DLm VNX replication statistics.  However, VNX does not apply as we use Data Domain.  The CP504 step populates the DLMREPST flat file for the OBJ10784 object (“EMC DLm Replication Statistics”).

As preparation for the DLm8500, are the following modifications feasible?

  • If replacing CP998 with CP988, will the resulting DLMSTATI flat file and resulting object OBJ10792 be created and parsed properly?

  • If replacing CP504 with CP603 (for Data Domain replication), will the resulting object be understood and parsed properly?


Component : Vantage SRM

Release : 14.0



Although the DLMDIJCL JCL runs successfully with the Gen 5 DLm8500 and the libraries created have valid data generated, only CP988 will create data that is correctly parsed for Vantage's Object OBJ10792 to use.

The data created by CP603 will not be correctly parsed for Vantage's Object OBJ10784 to use. As CP603 generates data for Data Domain Replication, it has a different structure that OBJ10784 isn't built to parse. In order for CP603 to be used it will require Vantage to have a new Object created to correctly parse its information.