ACF2 errors and abends after applying PTF LU00294
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ACF2 errors and abends after applying PTF LU00294


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ACF2 - z/OS ACF2 - DB2 Option ACF2 - MISC ACF2


PE'd ACF2 PTF LU00294 (included in CARS2108) causes various different errors after being applied.
Reported abends and fixes are listed below.
Links are included for each PTF with additional information pertaining to symptoms seen.






Release : 16.0



LU00294 is Corrected by:
LU02957 - Resolves 0C1 and 0C4 abends in ACF00SSL and ACF00SGB or incorrect source group processing associated with X(SGP) records
LU02625 - Resolves 0C4 abends in ACF00SSL from DB2 exits ACF3@ATH and ACF3@SGN for TamZ
LU03786 - Provides updated linking instructions for DB2 exits ACF3@ATH and ACF3@SGN

Additional PTFs:
LU03310 - Resolves 0C4 in ACF00SST with X(SGP) records
LU03775 - Resolves 0C4 in SAFFBSCH by updating ACFSGRP to use the new source group structures in 64-bit storage
LU04568 - Resolves 0C4 in ACF00SSL when there is a request to return more than 252 source groups
LU04765 - Resolves 0C4 in ACF00SSL when the caller of ACF00SSL passes a pointer to the return table and the x'80' sign bit is on in the leftmost bit
LU05760 - Resolves S0C4 in ACF00SGP if the caller does not pass a workarea to be used by ACF00SGP. REG1 will have X'FFFFFFFF_' in HI half of 64bit
LU06043 - Resolves various 0C4, 0C1, and 878 abends in ACF00SST when processing large number of source groups. The exact abend codes for ACF00SST before LU06043 vary wildly depending on the environment
LU07447 - Resolves S0C1 in ACF00SGP if user code is called on a machine that does not support the SGH assembler instruction.

Additional Information

Note that some of these fixes require re-linking of user exits in order to pick up updates to the various affected modules. This is indicated in the HOLDDATA of the PTFs.