Deleted GCs appearing in JS Reports dropdown in Alarm Log:Group Report
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Deleted GCs appearing in JS Reports dropdown in Alarm Log:Group Report


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CA Spectrum


Global Collections that have previously been deleted are appearing in the Group dropdown in the Input Controls for the JasperSoft Alarm Log:Group report. 


Spectrum 21.2.2,  Windows 2016
CABI JasperSoft Reporting 7.1.1 (Linux)


Follow the steps below to correct the Query for the Alarm Log:Group report.
1. Login to Jasper with Superuser credentials.
2. Go to -> View -> Repository -> Public -> ca -> Spectrum -> inputcontrols -> reportspecific -> Alarm Log-Group
3. Click "Edit" on the $R{p_globalcollection_KEY} and then go to Next -> Next -> Next -> Next -> Define the Query 
4. In the Query String text box replace the existing query with the one below and Click on Save and then Submit.

select distinct gc.gc_name from globalcollection gc 
inner join model m on m.mtype_h=66676 and m.model_name=gc.gc_name  and destroy_time is null 
inner join reporting.v_security_string_accessibility_by_landscape sec on (m.landscape_h=sec.landscape_h) and (m.security_string=sec.security_string) and (is_security_enabled()= FALSE or sec.user_name=\$P{LoggedInUsername})  
ORDER BY gc.gc_name 

5. Verify the Report again and check that the list of available GCs in the Input Controls is correct.

Additional Information

Note: If you perform a "Re-deploy" from the JasperSoft integration page in OneClick after performing the above steps, it will reset the query back and the issue will appear again.

This problem will be fixed in an upcoming release.