Unable to find SDN devices from VNA using Device Search function
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Unable to find SDN devices from VNA using Device Search function


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CA Spectrum CA Virtual Network Assurance


Spectrum integrated with Virtual Network Assurance (VNA)

Unable to search SDN_Switch, SDN_Router, or any Virtual Machines using the Spectrum 'Device Search' function. These devices are discovered using the VNA Meraki and AWS Plugins.

The only SDN devices are able to be retrieved by a Device Search are Meraki Access Points. 



Spectrum 21.2.x
VNA 21.2



To enable device search for SDN devices please try the following

1. Open file search-model-name-criteria.xml located in path $SPECROOT\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\WEB-INF\topo\config.

2. Add the required model type as follows between the <or> </or> tags.

To enable search for SDN_Router, add the SDN_Router model_type id (0x6730026):

          <attribute id="0x10001">
            <value>0x6730026</value> <!-- SDN_Router -->

3. Save the file and close the OC console.

4. Restart the OneClick tomcat server.

5. Open the OneClick console and now try doing a Device Search searching. You should be able to find the SDN_Routers now.

6. You can add other devices such as SDN_Switches etc to the same file to enable the Device search for these. 


Additional Information

Engineering will identify any further models that should be added to the search and will add them to the file in upcoming Spectrum releases.