DevTest VSE warning Whoa there.  Big OUTBOUND message
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DevTest VSE warning Whoa there.  Big OUTBOUND message


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Service Virtualization


We keep getting below warning in the log. From the log below would we be able to tell what are the services that have the large outbound message? if not how we can find out?

2021-10-19 15:30:50,556Z (11:30) [ServerRequestResponder 11] WARN - Whoa there.  Big OUTBOUND message, 26241317 bytes: ActiveMQObjectMessage {commandId = 0, responseRequired = false, messageId = null, originalDestination = null, originalTransactionId = null, producerId = null, destination = null, transactionId = null, expiration = 0, timestamp = 0, arrival = 0, brokerInTime = 0, brokerOutTime = 0, correlationId = null, replyTo = null, persistent = false, type = null, priority = 0, groupID = null, groupSequence = 0, targetConsumerId = null, compressed = false, userID = null, content = [email protected], marshalledProperties = null, dataStructure = null, redeliveryCounter = 0, size = 26241317, properties = null, readOnlyProperties = false, readOnlyBody = false, droppable = false}


Release : 10.5 10.6

Component :


Embedded activeMQ Messaging is the backbone of Inter process communication in DevTest. Registry-VSE, Registry-Coordinator, Coordinator-Simulator. Its hard to identify which specific message has caused this warning unless we add some additional debug log statement to Identify the Type of message, its producer and consumer. If customer is really concerned, then please raise a support ticket/defect and we will assist.  Ticket was raised and the issue was resolved.


Please open a support case to request the patch.

To apply follow these steps on all VSE Servers:

1. Stop VSE Service

2. Place the patch "patch_DE518902_10.5.0_LTD.jar" at LISA_HOME/lib/patches folder

3. Start VSE Service

Confirm if the warning message goes away after applying the patch. 


Note: For 10.6: patch_DE518902_10.6.0_LTD.jar 

Additional Information

For 10.6: patch_DE518902_10.6.0_LTD.jar