Install Mainframe Topology v1.0 in CA MSM (CSM)
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Install Mainframe Topology v1.0 in CA MSM (CSM)


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Trying to add and update the product CA Topology V1.0 SQLite (Broadcom Mainframe Topology) in CA MSM but after adding the product and If I select "update product" it is getting failed saying the product "Topology" is not available for the following site id : xxxxxx

How can I update and install the Topology 1.0 product using CA-MSM.

Failure Message:

238396 - Getting Product Information    - Started (Oct 19, 2021 11:17:49 AM) 
      Request is to get product: Topology 
     information requested by: MSMUSR1
               using site IDs: xxxxxx
The product Topology is not available for the following site ID: xxxxxx
Log in to CA Support Online and verify that the product TOPOLOGY is available for download under the following site ID: xxxxxx
 If the product is available on CA Support Online, run 'Update Complete Product List' from the Products tab to refresh relations between the site IDs and the products. 
If the problem persists, contact CA Support.


Release : 6.0
Component : Chorus Software Manager

Release : 1.0
Broadcom Mainframe Topology


Rather than attempting to manually add Broadcom Mainframe Topology to CA MSM, perform an Update Product Release for CA OPS/MVS 14.0 (name will differ in your product list)

Once this update completes Broadcom Mainframe Topology should be listed as one of the packages available for install.

Additional Information

Customers licensed for CA OPS/MVS should be good to use topology product with out any additional cost as per the link says below,

Broadcom Mainframe Topology 1.0 is Generally Available | Broadcom Mainframe Software Community