nas transaction is storing multiples entries in both databases (local database and sql server db) for a single alarm
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nas transaction is storing multiples entries in both databases (local database and sql server db) for a single alarm


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


I have detected multiple entries in the NAS_TRANSACTION_LOG table for the same alarm, when in reality in the source I only see 1 alarm created. This is worrisome because it makes the DB grow too much and detracts from DX IM's performance.


Release : 20.3.3

Component : UIM NAS

- nas v9.32/9.32_HF1

- Also tested in nas 9.20


- nas AO Profile Action type set to 'escalate_level' and Action mode set to 'On Arrival' but no previous / original severity level selected.


Here is an example workaround using nas preprocessing rule with only a message filter.

This works as expected and does not generate/insert multiple entries into the nas_transaction_log table.

Filter type should be 'custom.'

Here is the script to set the severity to Minor from Informational for example:

event.level = 3
event.message = "XAGIOS"
return event

Send the test alarm from the nas Status Tab window as Informational; it will increased to Minor (in this case/scenario).

You could set up other scripts to Increase the original alarm severity to a specific higher severity.

Additional Information

Other options/approaches may include:

1. If using pre-processing, create a LUA table that uses the current severity as the index and the next level as the value. Then you can get the new severity using the current  one.

For example,

newLevel = myLevels.[event.severity]

2. Or create a table in the database for the severity and use alarm_enrichment.


Techdocs also updated.


In a nas AO Profile if you choose "On Arrival," the severity level will continue to escalate until it reaches critical instead of only increasing to the next severity level.

To workaround this behavior, select the original severity level in the nas AO Profile, e.g., Informational, and then it will increase ONLY to the next severity level, e.g., Warning.


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