Meraki VNA models automatically deleted from Spectrum
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Meraki VNA models automatically deleted from Spectrum


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


We have noticed that Spectrum will destroy and recreate Meraki VNA models over time.  Can Spectrum or VNA be configured to verify that the models are actually gone instead of down?  It looks like the device, like an Access Point is down but it is not gone.  Spectrum destroys the model, then on the next poll it recreates it.



Release : 21.2

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Spectrum


VNA gets inventory details from the Meraki device without verifying if the device is actually gone instead of down.


This has been resolved in NetOps 21.2.4. Previously if a rate-limit error was generated in the VNA-Meraki inventory request, the delete would be sent to Spectrum.

In NetOps 21.2.4, if the inventory rate-limit error occurs then those devices still persist in VNA and no delete update will be sent to Spectrum.