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AIX 7.2 - cdm InternalAlarm: Unable to get CPU data (temporarily out of resources)


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We are getting the following error that is generating alarms on our AIX robot:

InternalAlarm: Unable to get CPU data (temporarily out of resources)

We followed the KB => CDM is sending internal alarms regarding CheckMemInfo - GetMemInfo failed (temporarily out of resources) (

But we were still getting the error so I increased the timeout value to 90.

sliced_cpu_interval = 90

Still getting alarms.


Release : 20.3

Component: cdm 5.80

OS: AIX 7.2

robot: 9.33HF6

cdm: now -> 6.60-MC


cdm probe upgraded from version 5.80 to 6.60 which by default now set the value of the InternalAlarm message severity from major to minor which is currently sufficient to resolve the customer' issue.