snmp probes - how are they different?
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snmp probes - how are they different?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


There are four snmp related probes - snmpcollector, snmpget, snmpgtw, snmptd.  What do each of the 4 probes do and how to use them separately?



Release : 20.3



snmpcollector :- Devices such as routers, switches expose management data using snmp. snmpcollector connects to these devices and publish the data that the device exposes as metrics. This can be used to get complete information tree (as defined in a complete MIB)

snmpget - This probe sends snmp GET queries to the device and then publishes the information received as QoS or alarms. snmpget probe need the device MIB file to get specific Object Identifiers (OIDs) from the device. This basically gets specific records (OIDS)

Basic difference between snmpcollector and snmpget is that snmpcollector can “ walk ” down the MIB hierarchy and get all the values at once. snmpget needs to be provided full OID to get data from the device.

If you read the below article, snmcollector is similar to snmpwalk command and snmpget is similar to snmpget command:

snmpgtw -  Just converts UIM alarms to snmp traps which can be sent to snmp based event managers. This does not generate any QoS. It just converts alarms to snmp traps and sends it across.

snmptd - This receives snmptraps and converts them  to UIM alarms