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Avatar picture moves to the notification below when the one above is deleted


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


On the MUX, when you have multiple conversation notifications, if you delete one, the user profile avatar is moved to the notification below.

The STR below only has 2 notifications, however when there are more notifications, you can delete any notification and if the one below it is from a different user with a different avatar, the one below moves up the list but still shows the avatar from the row that was just deleted. 

1. Login as User A to the Modern UX (MUX)
2. Ensure an avatar picture is set for this user.
3. Login as User B to the MUX
4. Ensure an avatar picture is set for this user.
5. As user A go to any project and set User C as Staff member
6. On the Conversations tab start a conversation to User C
7. Log in as User B and on the same Project Conversations tab start a conversation with User C 
8. Log in as User C and check the notifications icon.
9. You have both Conversation notifications with each users avatar pictures

10. Delete the conversation notification on top (the one from User B)

Expected Results: User B notification is deleted and User A one is visible with the relevant avatar picture
Actual results: User A's notification is visible, but it shows User B's avatar picture


This is caused by DE62973


This is fixed in 16.0.1

Workaround: Close the notification panel and reopen it to see the avatars refreshed properly.