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Getting GSVX023E message when using RMF commands introduced by LU02875


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


We're testing Sysview with the latest maintenance which includes LU02875 that enables a number of new RMF commands. When we issue the RMFSSTAT command for example we get the following error:

GSVX023E*Global load for module FILE SYS failed, abend 

Is there some additional configuration tasks that need to be completed for these new commands to work? I didn't see anything in the HOLD data for PTF indicating any required actions and I don't see anything in the documentation either.



Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


LU02875 introduced new RMF commands, in addition to updated z/OS release 2.5 compatibility.  These new RMF commands do not require z/OS 2.5 to be used, but are subjected to the below minimum lease levels for z/OS in order to work:

  • RMCRYACC - z/OS 2.4
  • RMCRYOVW - z/OS 2.4
  • RMCRYPKC - z/OS 2.4
  • RMEADM - z/OS 2.4
  • RMFSLIST - z/OS 2.4
  • RMFSSTAT - z/OS 2.4
  • RMJSTAT - z/OS 2.1
  • RMPCIE - z/OS 2.4