How to clean up the cluster_info table?
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How to clean up the cluster_info table?


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CA API Gateway


While configuring the (Docker) container Gateway, the docker service was restarted a few times and that created lots of container IDs in the cluster_info table of the SSG database. These invalid containers are also showing up in the policy manager dashboard.


All Supported Releases of API Gateway.


The Gateway has a process that cleans up this cluster_info table at regular intervals. This interval has a default value of 90 days and it can be configured by the "com.l7tech.server.clusterStaleNodeCleanupTimeoutSeconds" in the file. You can add this setting to the YAML file for docker containers.

The other option is to clear the entries manually from the cluster_info table in the Gateway MySQL database when needed.

  • (Verify the current data) select * from cluster_info;
  • (remove all and restart the Gateway service to get the new info) delete from cluster_info;
  • You can also use MySQL queries to remove the invalid info from this table if you know them.