MIMGR Started Task and RACF TRUSTED Attribute
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MIMGR Started Task and RACF TRUSTED Attribute


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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM)


Is it suggested/required to assign the RACF TRUSTED attribute to the MIMGR Started Task RACF definitions? 


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Component : MIM


The MIM’s security requirements, as indicated by the by Labs, are documented here:

Security Requirements

 So,it is not documented/required that MIM needs to have the TRUSTED attribute.

That said, checking the IBM link about the TRUSTED attribute explanation and requirements, it is documented that this attribute is used for tasks which access a wide variety of unpredictably named data sets within the installation and MIM doesn't do that.

Here the IBM link:

Assigning the RACF TRUSTED attribute

where it can be underlined that the IBM equivalent address spaces (CONSOLE and GRS) are not listed as tasks which mandatory require this attribute and below an additional suggestion reported in the Guidelines section:

  • - Avoid assigning TRUSTED to a z/OS started procedure or address space unless it is listed here or you are instructed to do so by the product documentation.