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ESP Jobs waiting with status 'Waiting for Resource' after emergency swap ESP Agent to a different server.


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ESP Workload Automation


Due to a power failure to a server frame is was necessary to swap the ESP Agent server to a new server.
The configuration was copied from the old server to new server.

Jobs were queued with 'Waiting for Resource' which was on the 'moved' server.
Server had no 'receiver.log' file indicating a Communication problem from ESP on the Mainframe to ESP Agent. 


Power failure on a server frame required an emergency move to a different Server.


Release : 11.4 Component : CA Workload Automation System Agent
Release : 11.4 Component : CA Workload Automation ESP



  1. DELETE the definition for the affected Server within ESP on the mainframe 
  2. Redefine the definition for the affected Server within AGENTDEF
  3. LOADAGDF <dsname> command reloads the AGENTDEF file 
  4. Cancel all queues jobs which are 'Waiting for Resource'
  5. Resubmit affected jobs

Additional Information

Agent Commands can be found here.

LOADAGDF command can be found here.

If you do NOT have access to DELETE the Agent via the 'AGENT name DELETE' command you can use the LOADAGDF command to load a modified AGENTDEF which does NOT include the affected agent.  This has the same effect as DELETing the Agent. 
Then use the LOADAGDF command again to reload the AGENTDEF with the original Agent name.