View - Upgrade and production implementation
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View - Upgrade and production implementation


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We will be implementing View r14.0 into production this weekend, with procedures SARSTC, SARXTD, SARXMS, CADRAS, to be updated.  

Deliver will remain at r12.2.

View production will use the same database high-level qualifier as what there is in the test environment, and module EE0XMCTR will be copied from test to production. 

Is there a way to check to see if any View exits are to be used in production?

To clarify, should SARDBASE OLOAD be pointing to the CVDEPENU panel library (and not CVDEPNL0), and is this where SARJCL1 gets loaded?


Release : 14.0

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In order to see what user exits are modified, if the modified exits are not known at the time, it would be a time-consuming process needed, to compare the sizes of the exits (the ...UX modules) in the lower-level loadlib, to the sizes of the exits in the higher-level loadlib, to see what modified exits there are.

The most common of the modified exits would be the SARSECUX exit.  The standard version has a size of 0048, and the modified version would have something much larger. 

The SARDBASE OLOAD is performed with input of the CVDEPENU panel library. 

If Deliver will continue to use the 12.2 library, then you need to ensure that the Deliver library is ahead of the View library in the linklist, as the View library could contain both View and Deliver modules.