URT database export succeeds but import fails on RHEL
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URT database export succeeds but import fails on RHEL


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While using the update readiness tool, the export step during the sandbox upgrade succeeds but the import fails. 


15.8, 16.x


The export is performed by the DLP schema owner(typically protect) while the import is performed by the upgrade readiness user. Thus the file is owned by the protect user and non-default umask may cause insufficient permissions when generating the dmp file required for the impdb. 


This issue can be remedied in any of the following ways:

  • Use a standard umask of 722, at least during the upgrade.
  • After the export step is complete, while URT is still running update the resulting sandbox.dmp file to have read permissions for all users(such as chmod 722).
  • Run urt with --skip_import and --skip_export. URT will provide the commands necessary to do the import/export manually by a properly provided user.