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Data warehouse time periods are not aligned to Clarity time period


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When creating an ad-hoc report using weekly periods, the data warehouse is starting on Monday.

However, in Modern UX as well as fiscal periods, the weekly dates start on Sunday.

Why is there a difference?


This may be caused by the Weekly Data Warehouse slices and the First Day of the Week are set to Monday, where the fiscal weekly periods start on Sunday.


Release : 15.9.3



If confirmed that the First Day of the Week can be changed do the following:

  • Pause jobs:  Load Data Warehouse and Time Slicing
  • Go to Administration - Project Management Settings
  • Change the First Day of the Week to Sunday.
  • Go to Administration Time Slices
  • Find the weekly time slices that are Data warehouse enabled.  OOTB there are 13.
  • Change each of these to start on Sunday instead of Monday.
  • Resume Time Slicing
  • Once the slices repopulate
  • Run Full Load Data Warehouse.

Now the Week Start will be Sunday for and ad-hoc or reports.

The only caveat here is that in Classic, the weekly TSV always start on Monday.


Ref: Unable to change the Start date of the Week in Time Scale Value views from Monday