Set up custom Jaspersoft ROLE/Group in Clarity
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Set up custom Jaspersoft ROLE/Group in Clarity


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How to add custom access groups for Advanced Reporting for a custom report without the existing PMO groups having access to it. Needing a separate custom role and a group that can easily be set up and updated in Clarity


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Set up a custom permissions group in Clarity that maps to a Jaspersoft Role

  1. Go to Administration - System Settings and ensure Allow Jaspersoft Role Synchronization is enabled
  2. Create an Access Right Group in Clarity - Administration - Groups
  3. Note the Group ID i.e. custom_group (You may also use an existing group)
  4. Add your resources to this Group
  5. Add the Access right "Reports - Access" to the Group
  6. Now go to Advanced Reporting - Manage - Roles and add a Role with the same ID custom_group (ID must exactly match!)
  7. Go to View - Repository - Navigate to your custom report
  8. Right-click - Permissions
  9. In Role, find the custom role you've just created
  10. Assign the proper access i.e. Read Only - Apply - OK
  11. Note you must also add Read Only rights or Execute Only rights to any additional report components you use such as ad hoc view, report domain, datasource etc.
  12. Run the Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles job and the Roles will be updated with the users and they will have the exact permissions