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How to perform a multiple access request in one item in the Identity Portal


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The usual way to perform an access request in the Identity Portal is clicking in plus (+) as access rights in all roles that the users needs and after finish select all "access rights" that need clicks in Submit button, but how to create an Access Right that includes a set of Provisioning roles to prevent users to click on each plus icon for each one.

In this case, without using Bulk for this task, but the same interface to avoid the managers select one role by one, and using the same individual approval process


Identity Portal 14.x


It's possible to assign multiple roles using Identity Manager Policy XPress. At the Identity Manager creates a new dummy role "NEW SALES".

Map this role in the Identity Portal. In identity Manager, create Policy Xpress policy on assign provisioning role event and in the action rules, define a condition to check if the role assigned to the user is "NEW SALES"  for instance, and in the rules which are executed after the condition is matched, you can define to set required roles. Please note to define multiple rules as one rule assigns one role.