Deliver - LPAR to be shut down
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Deliver - LPAR to be shut down


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We run CA deliver on 3 LPARS in a SYSPLEX.

One LPAR will be permanently shut down.

Is there anything that needs to be checked or done prior?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


In the RMOSTC tasks, if parameters do not appear in the JCL, they appear in the //RMOPARMS DD member. 

Deliver is a one-database-to-many-tasks product. 

It can also be configured as a one-database-to-one-task product. 

Deliver functions such that the parameters are brought in when the task is started, and the parameters are in the //RMOPARMS DD member. 

The same parameter set can be cloned for tasks that run on different LPARs. 

In the parameter set used, the NAME=... statement points to the database being used.