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Unable to login after starting 2nd JCP | No route to host


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


AWI works from only one of the two nodes. If the JCP is turned on in both servers, there seem to be an issue with AWI and no one can log into the front end.

JWP log:

20210922/144059.600 - 30     U00003490 Connection to 'thrd-automicprd1:58856' initiated, client connection '60'
20210922/144059.600 - 30     U00003303 Could not establish a connection to Server 'AUTOMICP#CP008' (IP address: '', Port: '58856').
20210922/144059.601 - 30     U00045014 Exception ' "No route to host"' at ''.

When attempting to telnet to the JCP port, it fails.


Release : 12.3

Component :


Firewall was blocking JCP and JWP ports. The JCP and JWP ports numbers can be manually set and whitelisted through the firewall. 

Additional Information

The JCP and JWP ports are set by configuring JCP.PORTS and JWP.SYNC.PORTS in the UCSrv.ini file.