Firewalls are not showing in the Top Reachable Network Devices (Bar Chart)
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Firewalls are not showing in the Top Reachable Network Devices (Bar Chart)


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


We have firewalls we are not seeing in the Top Reachable Network Devices (Bar Chart)




Dx NetOps Performance Management any version


The view will only show routers and switches


Here is the query that the view runs:


QueryID: {0fdf9857-a8e4-4de6-b7df-7611ae7d008c}, Query: {SELECT .Item.DisplayName, .PollItem.ID, .Reachability.Avg FROM CA.IM.DA.MF.NormalizedReachabilityInfo.REACH WHERE .Group.GroupID = 1 AND .DeviceType.Type = 'device' AND (.DeviceType.Subtype = 'router' OR .DeviceType.Subtype = 'switch') AND .EndTime(60) > 1634129280 AND .EndTime(60) <= 1634215680 GROUPBY .PollItem.ID, .Item.DisplayName ORDERBY .Reachability.Avg ASC, .PollItem.ID ASC LIMIT 1000}, Properties: {culture: en-US, TrackingID: 0fdf9857-a8e4-4de6-b7df-7611ae7d008c, PermissionID: 1, DetailedLoggingEnabled: false, MultiDatasourceSupport: true, PageUUIDProperty: a5297175-b77e-42eb-a128-7b6be3fccd25|(2000079), ModelUUIDProperty: a2b98c5d-727f-48cc-9925-5d1b28a0c146|(1000015_2), SSO.UserName: admin, SSO.UserToken: CADefaultCookie=5nai2jVFPUkXorTgUFFM1BTbZCCNsX2nHsYUVfqqriClhwNBnkMsGA0LGYUw3TrHmAB6HFDrvy8*; , MetricFactTableTypeProperty: RATE, RIB.BusinessHours: , propertiesToTranslate: RIB.BusinessHours, RIB.TimeZone: , ElapsedTime: 0:00:00.322}

So unless the device is a router or switch you will not see it in the view


To override the device type you can follow these instructions: