TDM Portal Masking job missing, or ignoring a table.
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TDM Portal Masking job missing, or ignoring a table.


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


There have been instances of masking jobs running, in which the logs show completed the masking of data for all tables but the QA team reports that one table is not at all masked. 

Could this be associated with "PARALLEL=" error that is getting reported?


Release : 4.9

Component : TDM Web Portal


The Masking jobs logs show that the masking is performing very slow, and taking much longer than expected to complete. This could be due to the configuration, or perhaps background job for other applications that are being run on the database.


The job is performing much faster now...

We have made several changes...

  • We killed inactive sessions from the DB
  • Shutdown background application weblogic UI that is used by the testers, which is something that normally would not be running when they do the production data. 
  • Masking option
    • logging level - shutdown
    • oracle row ID = Y
    • fetch size - reduced
    • commit size - reduced

Provided FastDataMasker-, which contains a fix where Portal masking was failing with the error message: Numeric value required for PARALLEL=