Error : 500 Error opening form template .. No such file or directory
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Error : 500 Error opening form template .. No such file or directory


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SITEMINDER CA Single Sign On Agents (SiteMinder)



When running a Web Agent with a Custom HTML Form myCustom.fcc, the
browser return error code 500.

This happens when user is asked to change immediatly its password.




The Web Agent doesn't find the file :

  E:\Program Files\CA\webagent\win64\samples\forms\myCustom.fcc

when in the working scenario it finds it.

500.saz :

Line 199 :


  HTTP/1.1 302 Object Moved
  Location: /siteminderagent/forms/myCustom.fcc?SMENC=UTF-8&SMTOKEN=$SM$%7bRC2%7dBXwXVhXB%2bZ5i5r%2fQfXRZJlk4w7oMw57Kwcf%2fb2xZf8%2b70ouPkUlIf%2bjKIawtxeemCz%2fpimsU9exiV3HujgeQWEwaesdsdsadndLI3PF2pQEtOcw%3d%3d&USERNAME=myuser&SMAUTHREASON=20&SMAGENTNAME=$SM$8K6t9PbweadsDSDWEesSAY6K16P%2bLedKD7gZP8zU5B%2bexrgqQefbRAufK5a0Zh&TARGET=$SM$
  Server: Microsoft-IIS/8.0
  set-cookie: target=http%3a//; path=/;
  set-cookie: SMTRYNO=1; path=/;
  Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2021 08:59:49 GMT

Line 320 :

  HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
  Server: Microsoft-IIS/8.0
  Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2021 08:59:49 GMT


  [3172/3248][Mon Oct 11 2021 05:23:06] localization='No'.

  [13556/11416][Thu Oct 14 2021 10:59:49][CSmFormTemplateObj.cpp:226][ERROR][sm-HTTPAgent-00370]
  Error opening form template 'E:\Program Files\CA\webagent\win64\samples\forms\myCustom.fcc': No such file or directory.
  [13556/11416][Thu Oct 14 2021 10:59:49][SmFCC.cpp:1361][ERROR][sm-HTTPAgent-00130]
  Credential Collector error.  Exiting with HTTP 500 server error '00-0011'.




- Make sure that file

    E:\Program Files\CA\webagent\win64\samples\forms\myCustom.fcc

  exists on the Web Agent, and that the file has sufficient
  permissions; check also this file isn't blocked by antivirus or
  other OS related software;