IM - Upgrade to AD Endpoint
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IM - Upgrade to AD Endpoint


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CA Identity Manager




A CA Identity Manager (IM) Endpoint is configured on an Active Directory Window 2012 Server.  This needs to be upgraded to Windows 2016 with an update to the domain and forest level to 2016.  The name and ip address will be the same.

The AD Information is displayed in the Provisioning Manager for the existing Endpoint.  Are there any configuration requirements within the imps (IM Provisioning Server)?


Release : 14.x

Component : Identity Manager


The functional level data is returned by AD and is informational only, there is nothing to change from the Endpoint perspective. 

Cp2 includes a fix to address this issue:

Problem: Post upgrade of Active Directory from Windows 2021 R2 to Windows 2016, the Provisioning Manager continues to report the "Functional Level" as Windows 2012 R2.

Cause: Provisioning Manager was not updated to reflect the Operating System text "Windows 2016" under the functional level