SAML enabled environment and URL redirection
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SAML enabled environment and URL redirection


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SAML enabled clarity doesn't redirect to the original URL location that was pasted into the browser

1. Configure SAML with Clarity 15.9.2 with IDP OKTA/Azure.
2. Login to Clarity using SAML SSO.
3. Navigate to Home -> Projects -> Open a Project.
4. Copy the URL from the browser.
5. Open the copied URL in a different browser or machine where you are not Authenticated already.

Expected Results : After authenticating with the IDP, you are navigated to the Original URL that you have pasted in the browser.
Actual Results : After authenticating with the IDP you land up on General Page.


This was analyzed by Engineering through DE61089


After a careful review, Engineering has closed the defect stating it is a software limitation and will not pursue further. 

There is significant work needed to get this to work for Classic Clarity. The front-end (GWT code) needs to do the re-direct to the errorURL and providing a RelayState from the entered bookmark. The back-end cannot do it because of the way Clarity URLs are formed with the #action:<some_action_code>. Browsers do not send the # to the back-end so any RelayState generated on the back-end to redirect the user to a particular location in Clarity will not work. The browser has to do the re-direct because the browser has the # location in its window object. 

Workaround: Login to Clarity and once the session has been established, paste the desired URL in the browser