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Need to monitor cumulus switches interfaces VSAT RX/TX metrics


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CA Spectrum


Our requirement is cumulus switches interfaces has incremental errors like more RX-DRP or TX-DRP. Is it possible to configure VSAT RX and TX threshold violations? 

We also have same metric monitoring working in CAPC. 


VSAT metric monitoring is not an out of box feature within Spectrum. 


Release : 21.2

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VSAT metrics are not monitored out of box, although It is possible to do so long as the appropriate MIBs are imported to MIB tools, attributes mapped, and custom SpectroWATCHES created to read the mapped attributes values and alarm on threshold violations of the same. 

If CAPC is already in use in the environment, this is recommended product for such VSAT monitoring. recommend to have CAPC send the threshold events to Spectrum for the alarms, rather than create a customization to perform the same task.