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Flow stops executing actions


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


My flow appears to stop executing actions after successfully executing an action.


If a subsequent action has two actions pointing to it then both of the preceeding actions must be executed, successfully. If one of those two actions do not run then the subsequent action will sit there - waiting for the action linked to it to complete successfully. 


Release : 6.7



Redesign flow so that the conditions leading up to the action with multiple inputs either:

  • are met based on maybe changing the links to execute upon success or cancelled; or
  • link to the connected action without success, fail or cancel criteria. this will make it so that the action is always executed - regardless of whether the actions prior to it are executed successfully or not; or
  • put the parallel actions into a flow - since actions that are linked to from a flow are executed regardless of whether the actions in the flow are executed; or 
  • split the action branches so that they do not merge to a common single action;
  • consider other options leading up to the split action branches to see if there is a way to avoid two actions merging into one action.