PAM-CM-0473 Mounted directory not writable error
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PAM-CM-0473 Mounted directory not writable error


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


I am seeing this error "PAM-CM-0473 Mounted directory not writable error" in the GUI when I try to mount the Session recording share, both the primary and secondary. I have confirmed with my NFS services team that all the appliances in this cluster have write access.



Release : 3.4

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There are several possible causes for this error but most of the time the error is accurate and there is simply no write access. In this case there was not write access to the specific network card that made the connection. The appliances used a second network card for the route to the share to keep the NFS traffic off the first network card. The NFS server was denying write access to that IP although the first IP was in the correct list for access.


Either add all IPs associated with a PAM appliance so no matter which network card accesses it will have write access or be sure to review and manage the route table and network configuration to ensure the correct IP is approved for write access.