MSP/Clarity timeout issue for one user
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MSP/Clarity timeout issue for one user


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You have to repeatedly enter your login credentials in Microsoft Project (MSP / MS Project) every 15-20 minutes. Is there a way to prevent this from happening?


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A timeout limit needs to be set on the machine


  1. Search for Environment Variables on the workstation, then click Environment Variables (or you can also right-click on Windows Explorer and select System)
  2. Under System Variables, click New
  3. For Variable Name, enter: JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS
  4. For Variable Value enter:;
  5. Click OK, then click OK again

Additional Information

If the above doesn't help, below are some other things to check:

  1. Keep the session alive by keeping an active Clarity browser window open.
  2. Check the Clarity, SSO, and Load Balancer (LB) timeout settings to see if one or more of these are the cause. (Particularly if impacting multiple users). If you are using an LB, the timeout you want to have would be higher than the Clarity time out. So if Clarity is set to timeout at 60 minutes, then the LB should be 65 minutes (more details on LB settings at: F5 Load Balancer timeout recommendations for Clarity)
  3. Check with your internal network team to see if there are any errors found in the logs during the time the issue happens.
  4. You can also try installing Wireshark on the workstation and have that running while the issue is reproduced. The Internal Network team can then review the Wireshark logs.
  5. Does this happen when working from home versus in the office? (Or using a specific VPN that other users may not be on that don't have the issue?)

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