Document files accidently removed for a project, can they be retrieved?
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Document files accidently removed for a project, can they be retrieved?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We have a specific drive set up for a production system that is used to store our filestore for PROD system. Earlier today I received a notice from the business in which a user accidentally deleted a folder from their project collaboration area and was wondering if we could restore. I can't find anything in the documentation that mentions being able to do this. Instead it tells me once it is removed it is permanently deleted. However, because our filestore is on a specific drive, is it possible to recover the files from a previous version? If so how would we do that? I have a copy of some of our files from PROD on our TEST system so I can see what once existed, unfortunately we didn't take a copy of our PROD filestore share when we refreshed TEST with Prod, and so the files won't open because they are point to prod. If I have the file ID is it possible to retrieve from a previous version of our filestore drive or even from a back up of our database?


Release : 15.8.1



There is really not an easy way to restore this. The way documents and folders work in Clarity is it will store the binary of the file you upload in your filestore and it will also update various CLB tables which store information about that document/folder. Now when someone deletes a document or folder it will remove those entries from the filestore as well as database so in order for this to get restored completely is you need filestore as it was prior to deletion and you will need to restore DB up to that moment as well. Being that this is Production I don't think it will be feasible for you because it is Production and if you get a backup of DB you will be loosing anything that users might have updated since then.

Here is one idea, If you are you able to get that filestore backup restored in parallel to your current production, that way you are not interfering with your current Production environment, once that is done you can request DBA team to restore DB backup prior to folder deletion and then setup a Test environment based on that DB and filestore you restored. When it is up and running you should be able to download these documents from that environment and help user recreate folder with affected documents in Production.