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DDL00081 error for Tablespace


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Database Management for DB2 for z/OS - Administration Suite


The RC/Migrator Syntax Checker or Automap Compare can fail with the following error

DDL00081: A TABLESPACE cannot be partitioned and segmented prior to DB2 version 9.


The DDL00081 errors are a result of RC/Migrator or RC/Compare failing to identify the correct Db2 version.

This can occur when there is a module mismatch between the Xmanager runtime load library and the Product runtime load library.


Release : 20.0

Component : General Services for DB2


Check that Xmanager is using the same CDBALOAD as RC/Migrator or RC/Compare.

If not then you will need to recycle Xmanager pointing it to the correct runtime load library.

When there is any maintenance to the Xmanager authorized services, then there will be holddata to follow to run the Xmanager started task with latest runtime libraries to avoid the module mismatch errors.

For example for PTF LU01362:

++HOLD (LU01362) SYSTEM FMID(CINSK00)                                   
  REASON (RESTART)   DATE (21155)                                       
  COMMENT (                                                             
|     CA DBM Solutions for DB2 for z/OS Base In       Version 20.0     |
|SEQUENCE  | Before Apply                                              |
|PURPOSE   | Avoidance of module mismatch related errors in an Xmanager|
|USERS     | Collections of DB2 statistics via Detector or Subsystem   |
|AFFECTED  | Analyzer.                                                 |
|          | DB2 subsystems that have active collections.              |
|KNOWLEDGE | 1. SMP/E                                                  |
|REQUIRED  | 2. z/OS System Programming                                |
|          | 3. CA DB2 Tools Installation and Maintenance procedures.  |
|ACCESS    | 1. Product runtime libraries.                             |
|REQUIRED  |                                                           |
                      * STEPS    TO    PERFORM *                        
To implement the PTF:                                                   
1. Stop product collections.                                            
2. Stop the Xmanager task.                                              
3. Update the runtime library.                                          
4. Restart the Xmanager task.                                           
Please do not apply maintenance to the Xmanager runtime libraries with  
Xmanager active as it may result in a discrepancy between               
dynamically loaded components and statically loaded components.         
This may result in unpredictable behavior with CA-DB2 tools and/or may  
compromise the operating system/DB2 including possible failures.