Endevor Tomcat warning "Failed to scan" derbyLocale_cs.jar file
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Endevor Tomcat warning "Failed to scan" derbyLocale_cs.jar file


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About a year ago team members installed Vantage product. As part of the installation they also installed a second Tomcat (Vantage Tomcat) beside Tomcat instance for Endevor.
Those who installed the Tomcat for Vantage instance thought they could use the Tomcat for Endevor files for their parameters and definitions and that seems to have impacted some of the Endevor Tomcat files.

Endevor Tomcat sysout shows warning messages for jar scan failure i.e. unable to find derbyLocale_*.jar files such as derbyLocale_cs.jar, derbyLocale_ru.jar, derbyLocale_es.jar.

WARNING: Failed to scan Îfile:/PRODUCTS/cai/tpv/apache-tomcat-8.5.35/lib/derbyLocale_cs.jar¨ from classloader hierarchy
 java.io.FileNotFoundException: /PRODUCTS/cai/tpv/apache-tomcat-8.5.35/lib/derbyLocale_cs.jar (EDC5129I No such file or directory.)

How to eliminate those warning messages?


Release : 18.0, 18.1

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


Endevor Web Service Tomcat instance does not need/use Derby.jar. 

All those derby locale jar files (derbyLocale_cs.jar, derbyLocale_ru.jar, derbyLocale_es.jar) are dependencies for Derby.jar.

Try one of the following methods to remove the Jar scan warning messages: 

  • Search for derby*.jar in CLASSPATH and LIBPATH defined in the WSTOMENV, delete derby*.jar if there is any. 
  • Add derby*.jar to tomcat.util.scan.StandardJarScanFilter.jarsToSkip list in catalina.properties

The latter option was confirmed as being successful.