Gen Client Manager Configuration and CMMSG*.dll files
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Gen Client Manager Configuration and CMMSG*.dll files


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Few queries about INI/SRV file 

Q1. SRV path in the INI gets update by client manager only if the client manager interface  screen is used & saved. If INI use without SRV path indicated ,does not auto update INI with SRV path but application runs successfully  because it refer to default SRV file in location ?

Q2.The Entry in the INI pertaining to file CMMSGENG85n.dll / CMMSGENGn.dll , it is  pointing to CMMSGENG85n.dll  without changing it and  tested application based on  85 file.

Using CMMSGENG85n.dll is working even for 8.6 compile applications. Is there any problem if CMMSGENG85n.dll is used instead of the CMMSGENGn.dll? 

Q3.What are the above files for?  Folder containing the CMMSGENGn.dll  (COMMRT\CMW32) contains language .RC files which are not used for 8.5 previously.

Are these related or will impact the applications and to do anything with Client Manager? 

Q4. About the custom directory, any difference between using this custom directory versus the default user based path for SRV/Logfile?

For INI file , if it is placed in the customer path then where the custom path is set for the client manager to point to Client path INI ?

To use a custom directory e.g. C:\cm_files, the iefcmn.ini and IEFCMN.SRV can be copied into that custom directory and iefcmn.ini changed as follows?
LOGFILE        = C:\cm_files\IEFCMN.LOG
SRVRS          = C:\cm_files\IEFCMN.SRV

Q5. CMMSGENn.dll have anything to do with language/codepage support between client server for applications?  



Release : 8.6

Component : CA Gen Client Manager


Below are the answers for the above queries

1 & 4 - See related KB article: Gen Client Manager INI/SRV/LOG file paths

2.Use the correct or matching dll for the version of the Client Manger in use. Do not test using CMMSGENG85n.dll in 86 environment .

3.The files contain the Client Manager message texts that are used by the Client Manager i.e. each .rc file corresponds to whatever CMMS*n.dll file is being used for the Client Manager language via the iefcmn.ini file parameter MSGDLLNAME. These dlls can be rebuilt (see link below) i.e. the language appropriate .rc file can be edited and rebuilt using the custom.bat file as called out in the link. The 85 release did provide the .rc files but the dlls themselves were in %GEN85%\GEN\VS100\COMMRT\CMW32 or %GEN85%\GEN\VS110\COMMRT\CMW32 depending on the compiler version used.

 Rebuildable DLL and EXE Build Counts

5.No, the CMMSGENn.dll, as stated above, is used solely by the Client Manager and is not used for code page support for the applications themselves.